LONG VALLEY, NJ – When the West Morris Central High School girls’ soccer team heads to Mendham at 7:00 p.m. on October 5th to play Mendham High School, Long Valley youth players will be invited to a special youth football night during the game.

The Mendham girls’ soccer team is hosting the event to encourage youth players in all cities to participate in the soccer programs at two West Morris Regional High Schools, West Morris Mendham and West Morris Central, which young players may choose to play themselves.

“We are inviting all young girls ‘soccer players from Long Valley, Chesters and Mendhams, and are partnering with the West Morris Soccer Club and Long Valley Soccer Association,” Mendham girls’ soccer team head coach Sean Goldsworthy told Patch.

“I thought it would be a great idea to have both schools in the district and in the towns of Long Valley, Chester and Mendham and use the inter-conference games between the sister schools as a great opportunity to get the youth players excited,” Goldsworthy continued.

The youth players will have their own roles during the game, Goldsworthy said, leading the high school teams onto the field during the opening ceremony, volunteering as ball girls, leading the teams onto the field during announcements, and possibly participating in the coin toss.

Goldsworthy said the youth players will compete in their own challenges and competitions during halftime of the game, with opportunities for prizes.

Mendham and West Morris Central girls’ soccer teams are both forces to be reckoned with on the turf, with Mendham’s 5-0-1 season so far, as well as top-placed Morris County Tournament (MCT) and first-round bye. West Morris Central’s girls’ team is 4-1-1 and has won the MCT’s second seed.

Reporting contributed by Nancy D’Uva

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