The Swiss national team celebrated their 10th victory in their eleventh World Cup game in Calgary with a score of 5-6 against the USA.

After Skipp Silvana Terenzoni’s Swiss team took part in the knockout round against the Russians early on Thursday evening, they also won the next game. Switzerland won the duel against the USA with Tabitha Peterson Scape 6: 5.

This means that CCAraw’s Melanie Barbizat, Esther Neuschwander, Trinzoni and Alena Batz have won 10 times after 11 games. In their pursuit of victories, the current world champions are on the verge of setting an impressive record in Swiss curling for women.

Admission is still possible

Patz, who always plays fourth place in the Terenzone crew and always plays the last pair of stones, became world champion in Sapporo in 2015 after skipping Baden Reggio. He won 12 of 13 games, averaging 92.3 percent. The proportion of women in Aarau is currently 90.9%.

You still have two Robben rounds to play (against Germany and Estonia), then the “quarter-finals”, the semi-finals and either the final or the game for third place. If you go undefeated for the rest of the World Cup, you will break the record.

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