(Courtesy photo of Ontario Tech Ridgebacks)

Two Ontario Tech Ridgebacks soccer players have gone national.

Christopher Campoli and Danial Rafisami of the Ontario Tech Ridgebacks men’s soccer team have been drafted into Canada’s professional men’s soccer league, the Canadian Premier League (CPL).

Campoli became the first player to be selected for two rounds in the CPL-U SPORTS draft on Friday and to be picked fourth in the first round by York United FC.

Rafisami was also selected fifth by York United FC in the second round.

Ramin Mohammadi, the Ontario Tech Men’s soccer coach, says it’s great to see the students excel in both their academic studies and their soccer careers.

“When they excel in their academics, it is amazing for both the coach and the individual. When they excel in their football careers, it’s a great feeling for both of them too, ”he says. “Having four players in the Canadian Premier League and having chosen two is a great feeling to know that (playing football at Ontario Tech) has opened the way for student-athletes to play professionally at the highest level in our country . “

Campoli was named the OUA’s first All-Star in his 2019-20 rookie year, finishing second in the OUA for assists with seven and eight goals with six. His constant presence on the pitch also earned him the MVP award for men’s football.

Rafisamii played all but three games in his 2019-20 rookie campaign and ended the year with an assist.

This is the third draft for CPL-U SPORTS ahead of the league’s third season. The 2020 season was played in a bubble at the University of Prince Edward Island that Forge FC (Hamilton) won to defend their first title.

The CPL debuted on April 27, 2019. The CPL plays in prime and unique locations and works with strong, community-led owner groups. It is a league for Canadians by Canadians that brings professional football to coast-to-coast communities.