ASHLAND – Three Southern Oregon University football defenders – Senior Trinity Rhoades and Brionna Wood, who represent the women’s team, and Junior Zak Woolley of the men’s team – have been named second team for the All-Cascade Conference for the spring season, the league office said Tuesday .

Alan Gaytan, a second midfielder / striker, and Moises Hernandez, a new midfielder, received an Honorable Mention for the Raider Men. Bella Hopkins, a junior defense attorney, received an honorable mention for the women.

Rhoades is now on the All-Conference Team twice, and Wood was promoted after receiving an Honorable Mention in 2019. Together with Hopkins, they helped the Raiders finish third in the Cascade Conference West Division with a 5-4-1 record and turned five consecutive clean hands at one point.

Rhoades also handed out three team-level assists for the Raiders, who defeated their opponents 11-8.

Woolley is also now a two-time All-CCC Award winner. The Raiders’ CCC season was abandoned after four games, but they went 3-1, giving up just one goal behind Woolley’s efforts.

Gaytan and Hernandez scored two goals and each received an assist.

The SOU men’s team has added a non-conference game to end their season against Humboldt State, California, at Raider Stadium on Sunday at 5:00 p.m.