PORT ST. JOE, Florida (WMBB) – The Port St. Joe girls’ soccer team started the season 9-0.

“I think we were just ready to play, mostly because of COVID and all, we were just so excited … just ready to come out and show what we got,” said Madelyn Gortemoller, Port St. Joe girls soccer player.

The first loss came at the end of December and that was for Class 4A Wakulla. Even though the tiger sharks’ winning streak was broken, the game still gave them confidence.

“I think it means a lot to us that we come from a small town and a small school and are able to compete with the big teams and do well,” said Kristen Bouington, the Port St. Joe football player .

A second loss came for the team on the road against another major school in North Bay Haven. The Tiger Sharks are now sitting on 10-2-1 after a draw with Freeport on Saturday. In that game, the team was missing several starters due to COVID-19 contact tracing or injuries.

Port St. Joe head coach Justin Gerlach, however, wanted the game to be an opportunity for the team to grow.

“It’s always an advantage to find the next person and see if they can’t take up the challenge,” said Gerlach.

The district tournament is only a few weeks away. The tiger sharks are hoping to end up at least as runner-up like last year, if not as district champions. One thing the team will rely on is their strong fan base to keep them motivated through the playoffs.

“It only helps us play better because we know we have people there for us and we know we have people who believe in us and have confidence in us,” said Bouington.

Port St. Joe will host Rutherford for their next matchup on Thursday evening.