San Antonio – Persaihas Ortiz, an eighth grader at Rossoya Middle School, wanted her to play soccer from an early age.

“I fell in love with it when I started playing,” said Ortiz. “It came to me.”

When Ortiz enters the field, her competitive spirit shines. Her coach says she is one of Losoya’s best players.

“She may be a girl, but she could hit really hard,” said Joel Sanchez.

Ortiz said she was still surprised by some people for her to compete at this level.

“They ask,” do you really play tackle football? And that’s me, ”said Ortis. “You don’t think I’m really telling the truth.”

Ortiz can play with attack and defense. She’s also one of Losoya’s quarterbacks.

“When I saw her as a soccer player in grade 7 last year.

It was her biggest fan and supporter, her mother Adriana Ortiz, who supported her for years. But it did not come from her mother without some hesitation.


“She was afraid of me at first. I wasn’t sure I could do that because the boy was so tall compared to me, ”Ortiz said. “She was really nervous and it was just a matter of seeing her reaction when I made my first touchdown.”

However, the tragedy hit Persaihas and her family ahead of the season. Your mother died as a result of COVID without having been vaccinated, her family said.

“My mother was everything to me. She was there in the unexpected, ”said Ortiz. “She was there for me in almost every game I had.”

Her coaches, teammates, friends, and the Southside community gathered around Ortiz after hearing that her mother had died. They weren’t sure if she would return to the team, but as always, she showed up in practice when she was ready to return.

“It is very sad for a young girl like her to experience something like this at this young age and the whole community accepts her. The team accepted them, ”said Sanchez. Rice field. “The priority was her way of dealing with everything. I knew her mother, she was very passionate about the game. I thought this was a way to remind her mother about it. Rice field. “


“It helps me express my feelings. It’s great to have people like her. My team is there for me, ”said Ortiz.

Photo by Persaihas OrtizPhoto by Persaihas Ortiz

Ortiz still gets love and support from her family and friends who cheer her on in the stands while her teammates and coaches support her on the field.

“It’s very difficult for them, but we pray every night. I’m here, her uncle is here, her brother is here, her padrino is here, and she says it works because the other grandparents are here to help, said Virginia Ortiz, the grandmother of Persaihas.

Ortiz loves to draw, but he wants to keep playing soccer even as a freshman at South Side High School. Her mother is the inspiration for the continuation of her favorite game.

“Even if she was gone, she would have wanted me to play,” said Ortiz.

Photo by Persaihas OrtizPhoto by Persaihas OrtizPhoto by Persaihas OrtizPhoto by Persaihas OrtizPhoto by Persaihas Ortiz

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Southside ISD soccer players give their best after their mother dies

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