Burton Kemp Jr.
| Telephone contributing writer

After the SCHS soccer player Lady Gamecocks had worked through the schedule for Region 3A with a 10-0 record with 67 goals and only two goals, she ended the season with six players, known as the First Team All region, and head coach Terry Markovcic, who was appointed coach of the year.

The Reds and Whites ended the season 18-2 with their very first title in the football region and reached the state’s quarter-finals for the second time in a row.

Senior Melanie Mitchell, who was named Region 3A Player of the Year, led the way for the Lady Gamecocks. Mitchell was accompanied by Lauren Brannen; Junior Sarah Mesecher; and sophomore Emma Jones, Mazlin Blessing, and Madison Powell.

Honorable Mention Honors went to senior Karleigh crews; Juniors Rhianna Boddiford and Grace Cataffo; and the sophomore year Shay Sasser and Adairis Gomez.

Portal, who also made it to the state’s quarter-finals as runners-up in the region, had five first teamers while MCA had four. Claxton three; and Bryan County and Metter one each.

The Region’s offensive player of the year was MCA’s sophomore Madi McMahan, while the co-defensive player of the year was Claxton’s senior Jamica Griner and Portal’s Kara Sivils.

Among the Lady Gamecock First Teamers, Brannen set a new season record for goals at 31 (not the 32 previously reported) and Blessing set a new season record for assists at 14.

Powell and Mesecher – any of whom could easily have been Defensive Player of the Year – enshrined a defense that saw 12 shutouts and allowed only nine goals in 20 games.

Jones had the fourth-best goal in a season at 23.

On the track, Mitchell was the team’s best ball handler while playing virtually every position on the field, except the goalkeeper, at one time or another.

Markovcic’s troops will keep their eye on bringing their mentor over 200 wins in the next season as he enters 2022 with a record of 182-121-4.

In the last four seasons – including 2020 when the team was 4-0: 1 before the break – the Lady Gamecocks were 52: 11: 1 with a regional title and two runner-ups.