LONDON (AP) – Quotes from current and former players on the plan to create a breakaway Super League in European football:


“I believe in an improved Champions League, but not in the rich who steal what people have created. This is nothing more than the most beautiful sport in the world.” – Paris Saint Germain midfielder Ander Herrera.

“This greedy and persistent move would mean a catastrophe for our grassroots, women’s football and the wider football community, just to serve self-interested owners who long ago no longer cared about their fans and completely disregard sporting merits. Tragic. “- Former Portuguese striker Luis Figo, who previously played for proposed Super League clubs Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Inter Milan.

“Children dream of winning the World Cup and the Champions League – not a Super League.” – Fenerbahce midfielder Mesut Özil, who previously played for proposed Super League club Arsenal.

“This project is disgusting, not fair and I am disappointed that clubs I represented are involved. Fight against it! “- Antalyaspor striker Lukas Podolski, who previously played for the proposed Super League clubs Arsenal and Inter Milan.

“Nobody thinks about the big picture, only about the financial side. I still believe that we can resolve this uncomfortable situation. – Zenit St. Petersburg defender Dejan Lovren, who previously played for proposed Super League club Liverpool.


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