Prince William made it clear on social media that he has a zero-tolerance policy on racism.

The Duke of Cambridge used Kensington Royal’s Instagram and Twitter accounts that he shares with his wife Kate Middleton Send a personal message addressing the racist vitriol being hurled on some British football players and calling for it to be stopped. “Racial abuse – whether on the field, in the stands or on social media – is despicable and needs to stop now,” he wrote on social media. “We all have a responsibility to create an environment in which such abuse will not be tolerated, and those who spread hatred and division will be held accountable for their actions. That responsibility extends to the platforms where so much of this activity is now taking place. “He concluded:” I recommend to all those players, supporters, clubs and organizations that continue to condemn and condemn this abuse in the strongest possible way “and signed the message with a” W. “

The prince is responding to the attacks currently targeting a number of high profile football stars, including those of Manchester United Marcus Rashford and his teammates, Axel Tuanzebe and Anthony Martial, after their 2-1 win over Old Trafford last week. Chelsea player Reece James and Romaine Sawyer from West Bromwich Albion were also harassed online recently. Rashford, who was commended for his commitment to raising money for hungry children during the pandemic, spoke about the incidents on Twitter over the weekend. “Humanity and social media at worst,” he wrote. “Yes, I am a black man and I live proudly every day that I am. No one or no comment will make me feel any different. Sorry, if you’ve been looking for a strong reaction, you just won’t get it here. “He added,” I don’t share screenshots. It would be irresponsible to do so and, as you can imagine, there is nothing original in them. I have beautiful children of all colors who follow me and who don’t have to read. Beautiful colors just to be celebrated. “

Rashford’s team also made a statement on the matter last week, writing: “Everyone at Manchester United is disgusted with the racial abuse players received on social media after the game last night. We strongly condemn it and it’s encouraging to see other fans condemning it on social media as well. Identifying these anonymous, pointless idiots remains problematic. We urge social media platforms and regulators to step up measures to prevent this type of behavior. “

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