Believe it or not, there are still a few Charlotte sports like baseball and women’s soccer that have just started their season, while women’s tennis and men’s golf continued to impress early in their season. Athletics also brought home a conference championship for the second year running.

Below is a recap of all of Charlotte’s athletics teams from the past week.


For the second year in a row, the Charlotte men’s track and field team won the Conference USA championship by a large margin. Charlotte received 177 points, 63 points more than runner-up North Texas.

Charlotte’s women’s athletics team lost the C-USA championship just under five points to Southern Miss. A total of 16 personal records were set in the championship between men and women. Read more here.

Baseball / Softball:

Charlotte Baseball defeated Morehead State in their season opening streak with two wins by a large margin. Charlotte scored 34 runs in the series while Morehead State scored only nine runs. This was mainly due to the many homers of the 49er bats and the high quality pitching performances. Charlotte had eight home runs on the series, led by Craig Keuchel with three. The starting pitchers Andrew Lindsey, Christian Lothes and Bryce McGowan together allowed only six hits, two earned runs and 21 strikeouts.

Charlotte’s softball team didn’t have that much success at the Bubly Invitational in Gainesville, Florida. Charlotte defeated Georgia Southern 5-4 in additional innings but failed to win the three invitation games. The 49ers dropped both games against the sixth-placed Florida Gators and lost the rematch against Georgia Southern.


The men’s tennis team competed against the third-placed Tennessee Volunteers and lost 5-2. Ignasi de Rueda and Henry Lieberman each won their individual games with the same line 6-4, 2-6, 1-0 (10-7). Bam Wayand almost won his individual match, but fell into the tie-break 11: 9. Charlotte couldn’t win a double for the second time this season.

Women’s tennis bounced back from its loss to North Carolina when it beat the College of Charleston 7-0 on Saturday. Emma Scott (6-1, 6-0) and Kaavya Sawhney (6-0, 6-1) each won their games convincingly, and after Ruxi Schech dropped the first set with 7-5, she dominated the rest of her game and just dropped one game and the tiebreaker win, 10-0.


Men’s Golf took second place in the Desert Intercollegiate tournament after being close to the top all the way. Charlotte had four players in the top 20, with John Gough taking the lead in eighth place.

Carson Ownbey had a four-player final round that consisted of six birdies, five of which were on the last nine. After undercutting a sub-four performance in the first round, Matt Sharpstene scored a 74 and a 75 in the next two rounds, which was good enough to stay in the top 20 round of the 69.


Charlotte’s volleyball team (5-4, 3-3 C-USA) had a tough weekend against No. 20 Western Kentucky when they beat the 49ers 3-0 in both games. Charlotte almost won the second set of the first game, but with a tie of 24, the 49ers couldn’t get the rest of the set. Charlotte dropped the third set 25-17 and lost the match.

Charlotte was competitive in the second game but lost every set 17-25, 21-25, 20-25. After dropping six points in the third set, the 49ers scored four direct points behind Emani ‘Foster’s three kills to score 22-20, but the Hilltoppers took the next three points and secured the victory.

Despite the defeat, Foster continued their outstanding season as a freshman and led the team in both games with nine and 14 kills.

Charlotte will face Middle Tennessee at Halton Arena on February 28th and March 1st to see her next C-USA series. The games can be followed on CUSA.TV.


Both the men’s and women’s football teams remain without a win in two games this season. After working with Duke on February 12, the Charlotte men’s soccer team hosted UNCW and lost 3-2. Charlotte was 3-0 behind at the start of the second half, but goals from Alex Willis and Preston Popp gave Charlotte her first goals of the season and the opportunity to tie the game but failed to capitalize.

Women’s football lost 1-0 in extra time at the season opener against Western Carolina. In their second game of the season, the 49ers lost 3-1 at home to UNCW. Like the men, the 49ers were 3-0 behind in the 46th minute of the game before Michaella Arteta scored Charlotte’s only goal.

Both teams will return to action on February 26, when the men’s host, West Virginia, begins the conference game against Old Dominion during the women’s game.


The bad weather in Texas meant that both men’s and women’s basketball canceled their series against UTSA last weekend. This was their last planned home run of the season for men, while women’s basketball will be played at Halton Arena for the remainder of their season. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, men’s basketball will travel to UTEP while women’s basketball will host the miners next weekend.