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Top list of English football giants compiled by the Sports Innovation Lab.

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  • Real Madrid finished second, Arsenal third
  • Football clubs dominate the top ten without NFL or MLB

The English football giants Manchester City have been named the most innovative sports team in the world by the research and market research company Sports Innovation Lab.

The Spanish football champions Real Madrid from City Pip take first place, Premier League Arsenal come third. The La Liga giants Barcelona and the German soccer champions Bayern Munich round off the top 5.

The top ten are dominated by European football clubs, with only the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA) in sixth and the Sacramento Kings in tenth breaking this hegemony. The top-ranked National Football League (NFL) franchise on the 25-strong list is the New England Patriots at age 13, followed by the Green Bay Packers at age 14. The Chicago Cubs, aged 20, are the only Major League Baseball (MLB) admission. .

The Sports Innovation Lab drew the list from the ten most lucrative sports leagues. Eligible teams were rated in three categories: revenue diversification; organizational agility; and technological orientation. More than 8,000 data sources and more than 150,000 market signals were analyzed using Sports Innovation Lab’s proprietary technology to determine the ranking.

“The global pandemic hit the sports industry tremendously in March, and as a result changed the entire business landscape as we officially knew it,” said Angela Ruggiero, co-founder and CEO of the Sports Innovation Lab.

“To continue to grow and thrive in this new reality, companies need to be nimble by adopting the most innovative processes and adapting to the ‘liquid fan’. With this list, we celebrate a group of pioneers who have continued to advance their businesses despite these unprecedented circumstances. “

“Our team of analysts have masterfully identified patterns of success among the most agile and well-prepared sports organizations in the world,” said Josh Walker, co-founder and president of Sports Innovation Lab. “Our ongoing daily research and guidance will help the industry plan the way forward.”

Full list:

  1. Manchester City (Premier League)
  2. Real Madrid (La Liga)
  3. Arsenal (Premier League)
  4. Barcelona (La Liga)
  5. Bayern Munich (Bundesliga)
  6. Manchester United (Premier League)
  7. Golden State Warriors (NBA)
  8. Paris Saint-Germain (Ligue 1)
  9. Juventus (Serie A)
  10. Sacramento Kings (NBA)
  11. Liverpool (Premier League)
  12. Philadelphia 76ers (NBA)
  13. New England Patriots (NFL)
  14. Green Bay Packers (NFL)
  15. AS Roma (Serie A)
  16. Borussia Dortmund (Bundesliga)
  17. Tottenham Hotspur (Premier League)
  18. Toronto Raptors (NBA)
  19. Seattle Seahawks (NFL)
  20. Chicago Cubs (MLB)
  21. Los Angeles Clippers (NBA)
  22. San Francisco 49ers (NFL)
  23. Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA)
  24. Atlético Madrid (La Liga)
  25. Schalke 04 (Bundesliga)