LIMPOPO – Malale United FC players were very lucky to survive after the bakkie they were traveling in fell over on Malale-Masisi street at around 5pm on Saturday 31st July.

The players were on their way home from a tournament in Sigonde 2. The driver of the vehicle reportedly lost control when attempting to hit a passing pedestrian.

Takalani Ndou, who was released with minor injuries, said the incident happened very quickly.

Accident victim Takalani Ndou.

“The driver really couldn’t have done anything to avoid the accident. A pedestrian who was walking next to the street suddenly jumped straight onto the street. We all screamed and the vehicle rolled over, ”he recalls.

The injured passengers were treated at the Messina hospital.

At the time of going to press, four of them were still in the hospital, including the driver.

Malale United FC team manager Edwin Tshikonelo was shocked when he heard of the accident.

“We are in contact with the families and wish the injured players a speedy recovery,” said Tshikonelo, thanking the community and the teams in the area for their support.

Musina Local Football Association (LFA) secretary Colbert Nempumbuluni said the team was not affiliated with its organization but the association was nevertheless relieved to hear that no people had died.

He wished the victims a speedy recovery. Musina LFA was forced to suspend its league program after the president announced the amended lockdown regulations.

He appealed to the football teams not to play any more games during this time.

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