After a long break, the soccer teams in Yonkers are back in action this week.

Ongoing concerns about the spread of COVID-19 in the fall led the district leadership to opt out in October, when most of the Section 1 programs were up and running again. All schools except Palisade Prep will compete for the next month.

Gorton, Lincoln, Riverside, Roosevelt, Saunders, Yonkers and Yonkers Montessori Academy are slated to play six league games. Each team will then be seeded based on the records for a Yonkers City tournament scheduled to begin April 14th. Team no. 1 receives a goodbye.

Here are some of the players to watch out for this spring that have been put together with the help of the coaches:

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Yonkers Boys Football Watchlist

Alex Aguilar, Saunders, Jr., F.

Andrew Avilez, GortonSo., D.

Carlos Benitez, LincolnSr., D / MF

Robertson Echarry, RooseveltSr., MF

Oscar Escalante, RooseveltMs. MF

Oscar Flores, GortonSr., MF

Ellison Garcia, LincolnMs. MF

Mario Garcia, Saunders, Jr., F.

Yahir Gonzalez, Saunders, Jr., MF

Daniel Gutierrez, YonkersSr., D.

Jordy Guzman, LincolnJr., MF / F.

Samuel Gyamfi, riversideSr., F.

Nikola Ljuljic, YMASo, MF

Ermin Makic, riversideSo, MF

Josh Montes, YonkersSr., MF

Fazlija Nurkovic, YonkersSr., MF

Chinweizu Nwaigwe, riversideSr., F.

Calvin Quinn, HERESo, MF

Roberto Rodriguez, Gorton, Jr., D.

Harris Velovic, YMASo., D.

Mike Dougherty reports on boys’ soccer, boys’ lacrosse, girls’ basketball and golf for The Journal News / He can be reached at or on Twitter at @hoopsmbd, @lohudlacrosse, @lohudhoopsmbd and @lohudgolf.