Takes a real fan to see them

The story behind the performance, the moment behind the action. The character behind the player, the bond behind the teamwork, the reason for competitiveness, restlessness, temperament, intensity, imperfections. These are avoided by the wealthy traditional media houses. This sponsored hungry traditional media is turning our fun game into serious business. You are slowly killing the FUN in the game.

It takes a real fan to see them, to feel them and to be born that way. KYSTAR – A media company and large YouTube channel dedicated to the soccer fans, soccer fans, and soccer fans.

KYSTAR – the media company

KYSTAR is a Netherlands-based media company that focuses on the immediate, intimate and interactive nature of the game through perfect media platforms to fuel our athletic desires.

The traditional media has been too tense and with all the over-analysis, performance metrics and reviews that have eliminated the fun in the game.

Love of the game

Born of love and the desire to play. KYSTAR focuses on the character behind the players, priceless moments before and after the game, and defines changing room moments. It’s a channel from a fan for fans.

KYSTAR: The face and the voice of the fans

KYSTAR is transforming the way the game is experienced from fan to fan to create interactions with inside videos, create funny memes, and be endorsed by the webosphere. The viewers no longer just watch sport, they experience it.

The talisman man behind KYSTAR – founder and owner Koray Yalcin believes football is a good analogy for life, bonding, trust, fun and the onslaught of emotions that comes from achieving a common goal. He is the man behind the scenes of these shared feelings. Slowly and steadily, KYSTAR is becoming the voice and face of the game among the fans.

Restore the balance

Ultimately, football is a form of entertainment. Most of the time, the actions are carried out in the boardrooms or at the negotiating table and the overanalysis of traditional media has affected the entertainment displayed on the pitch. This creates an imbalance. Koray Yalcin with his media company KYSTAR is restoring this imbalance.

Humble beginnings

KYSTAR – The media company and the largest YouTube channel for entertaining soccer videos and social media posts. Back in 2014, an ambitious man named Koray Yalcin started a small YouTube channel to share his love for the game with the world. The channel gained initial popularity through funny behind-the-scenes videos. The channel appeared on Instagram in 2016.

Today the channel has a whopping 482,000 subscribers and counts. It has an amazing 231,197,593 total views. They have a football-mad army of 58.3,000 on their Instagram. During its six year lifespan, KYSTAR has grown from a single YouTube channel to a media network.

Be a football fan

Being a football fan is both a privilege and a cargo. If you win, it’s the best thing in the world, and if you aren’t, it’s the end of the world. The thing about being a fan is no matter how lucky you are, you stick with the game and your team. We fans have come to admit that “this wonderful game” has made a huge impact on us. Trying to streamline fandom can be a complicated and even futile process. So let’s not dive into rationalization.

If you want to keep the fun of football. Check out KYSTAR.
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Published on April 23, 2021