The “Ted Lasso” star spoke seriously about his “Jadon & Marcus & Bukayo” shirt on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”.

Although he was known for his brightly colored shirts at Zoom Awards, many of which the Emmy-nominated “Ted Lasso” star has attended this year, Jason Sudeikis wore a plain black sweatshirt at the “Ted Lasso” premiere last week for a sensation. The text read “Jadon & Marcus & Bukayo” as a sign of support for black British soccer players Jadon Sancho, Marcus Rashford and Bukayo Saka. Sudeikis recently explained the importance of the shirt while appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

“Well, Jadon, Marcus and Bukayo are three of the English footballers on their national team. Yes, they are the last young guys to have scored the penalties. They didn’t go as England would have hoped, certainly also many of us here in the States and people around the world, ”he said, referring to the Euro 2020 final on July 11th, which went to Italy.



“And the three young blacks caught a lot of talk on the Internet,” said Sudeikis. “And our show is rooted in both of them, you know, they despise things like bullying and racism or something, but it also has its roots and it’s in London, England. And yes, it was just our way of using this big chic premiere to put them in the spotlight and let them know that we have their backs. “

When the audience on the “Late Show” erupted in applause, Sudeikis quickly diverted the praise to the players who endured horrific racist abuse online and from the live crowd that caused a reckoning on English football culture. “I hope it is understood that you are all clapping and supporting you. I’m only wearing one shirt, ”he said.

The shirt is a riff on a familiar design that has become popular in recent years, but Sudeikis added that he used the players’ first names to humanize them.

“It was just one way to humanize and personalize these three guys. Their last names are on the back of their jerseys, you know, their uniform, so I used the first names, the names their parents gave them, because they are children, they are young men and they should have the opportunity to succeed be and fail and bind like everyone else. “

See Sudeikis explain the meaning of the shirt below, starting at the 5:16 mark.

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