Article Posted by TopDrawerSoccer

Published: May 17, 2021

TopDrawerSoccer starts updating the Top Club Soccer Player Rankings presented by the IMG Academy with the Girls Class from 2021. This is the last update for the class from 2021. Since many players are already on the college campus, they are leaving the youth club -Football player leaderboards with this update. The class of 2025 will be added to the new updates from July. The next class to be updated for the spring update is the boys class of 2022. The regional rankings for each class will be released on the Thursday after the national list is published.

Further information on the scouting, ranking and evaluation process at TopDrawerSoccer can be found at Please visit this link. If you want to be considered for the regional or national ranking, Fill out a FREE gamer profile.

Check out the TopDrawerSoccer Girls Club Soccer Top 150 Players, presented by the IMG Academy, for the Class of 2021.