ROCK ISLAND, Illinois (Quad-City Times) – The Rock Island High School, Illinois soccer team had to postpone a game Thursday after the team stood together to support players who were banned on the bus while holding a Mexican flag .

The charter bus driver who took the students to the soccer game outside of town refused, according to a letter to the parents of Superintendent Reginald Lawrence of the Rock Island-Milan School District.

Mexico’s Independence Day is September 16.

The rest of the team got off the bus and refused to get back on, resulting in the team missing their game being rescheduled.

“In everything that happened, our RIHS soccer team and head coach behaved with respect and dignity. Our students shouldn’t experience this kind of bias and racism, ”said Lawrence. “The Rock Island-Milan School District is a multi-national school district and we are here to support our students … Racism is counterproductive to our values ​​and we must do everything in our power to end it.”