The Irish football team expressed shock and frustration after their players were whistled and whistled by Hungarian fans for beating their knee at the start of their game against Hungary on Tuesday.

Ireland knew the Hungarian team had decided not to kneel before their UEFA European Football Championship matches, but when the Irish players did so they were booed and whistled by many of the Hungarian fans present.

After the friendly at the Szusza Ferenc Stadium in Budapest, which ended without a goal, Stephen Kenny, the team’s manager, told the Irish Times that “the fact that it was whistled is really incomprehensible. It must harm Hungary with the euro. “

Stephen Kenny on the boos of the Hungarian fans who take their knees.

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– Irish Football Fan TV (@irishfantv) June 8, 2021

Now Hungarian fans are being confronted with allegations of racism. Irish team striker Adam Idah, born to a Nigerian father and Irish mother, said: “It is obviously disappointing to see fans booing us and kneeling all over the stadium. This sport tries to stop racism and is a sign to ban racism from society. “

While many fans showed disrespect, Hungary’s team captain Ádám Szalai and other Hungarian players appeared to be pointing to the “respect” badge on their shirts to show solidarity with their opponents.

Photo by Tibor Illyés / MTI

The Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ) announced in the run-up to the European Football Championship that the Hungarian football team will not kneel, as many other national football teams have announced.

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While kneeling is a sign of solidarity against racism, MLSZ sees it as politicized due to its connection to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Featured photo by Tibor Illyés / MTI