Joseph, who at one point served as the club’s skipper, said so due to the presence of many talented players in the Mainland Tanzania Premier League as well as other leagues overseen by the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF).

Local footballers lack continuity when they are known at a young age, according to the veteran midfielder.

Joseph said: “The only thing you have to do is discipline on and off the field. Being disciplined on the pitch is hard work because your life as a young player is on the pitch.”

“Discipline off the field includes respect for people and a purposeful life on and off the field.”

Speaking to The Guardian, Joseph did not want to make it clear that he has retired from football while he is currently attending a CAF Diploma D coaching course.

He announced that he is still an active member of the domestic soccer fraternity as he wants to share his experience.

The midfielder revealed: “I haven’t said anywhere that I have retired from football, but the day will come when I will make a statement. At the moment I am not retired but I am studying a coaching course.”

Joseph claimed local footballers should make an effort to choose professional assignments outside of Tanzania

He commented on the impact of the increasing number of foreign players in the Mainland Premier League as opposed to the locals who seek professional missions outside of the country’s borders.

“It is important for the budding footballers to go abroad. This would also help if we wanted to build a strong national team, the presence of players abroad would enable good integration and good results.”

“I urge the government, TFF and various sporting stakeholders to support the development and collaboration of various agents to get our players out,” said Joseph.

Joseph also congratulated the senior team on successfully leading Group J in the ongoing African qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.

According to Joseph, he is pleased with the performance of the squad’s technical bench, led by coach Kim Poulsen.