SOCCER:: Months of training have paid off for some of the Clinton Football Club’s finest young soccer players.

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You have been selected on the roster for the Football Central Queensland Talent Support Program and the Football Central Queensland Skills Acquisition Program, which will participate in Carnivals in the Queensland area year-round.

Mardi Gras dates can be found on the Football Queensland website.


Clinton Football Club is represented by a number of players on the Gladstone FCQTSP and FCQSAP squads.

The club’s technical director, Wayne Stewart, said it would be a great opportunity for the teens to show off their talent.

“It’s a great opportunity to showcase your stuff and be good for you to do that,” he said.


Stewart, who has worked with Clinton for eight years and is in his sophomore season as technical director, expects some big things from a U16 player.

“Cooper West has the right attitude and I expect him to do well,” said Stewart.

Players were required to take part in at least two of the six practice sessions held at Gladstone and Rockhampton late last year under the watchful eye of FCQ Technology Director Mark Delaney and appointed coaches. Zoe Peters, Caitlin Peters, Gary Skinner, Matt Wust, Tarq Robinson, Lindsay Dean, William Sutton, Mark Guymer, Paul Blomfield and Stewart.

The 2020 squads are bigger than last year’s.

There are 142 players in nine age groups for the coming season.

This includes groups of girls under 11/12 and under 13/14 representing CQ.

Carnival time

The teams will participate in various carnival groups throughout the year. FCQ has also confirmed that two local carnivals will be held in the area.

All CQ TSP and SAP players will begin training in Gladstone and Rocky next week.

Look out for it The Observer about players from the other Gladstone clubs who formed the FCQTSP and FCQSAP squads next week.