PORTLAND, Ore., June 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Talented young soccer players receive a new camp at Pride Field in. the opportunity to be rated by professional scouts Hattiesburg, MS this summer, led by ProLinked Inc., a company owned and operated by the former NFL star Donte Savage.

As part of a new camp, talented young footballers have the opportunity to be assessed by professional scouts.

The three-day elite soccer camp at Pride Field, University of Southern MississippiOpen to boys and girls ages 14-18, running July 16-18, featuring a professional scouting combination with a variety of physical and mental tests, and clinics with elite trainers from MLS. owned by USL side Loudoun United, New Orleans Spartans and a leading Spanish LaLiga club.

The hand-picked coaches have all demonstrated outstanding achievements in promoting young talent and athletic performance, so that aspiring football stars can learn from the best in the camp and develop their potential.

Two of the most talented players to play in the Hattiesburg Camp will also be invited to a private coaching clinic with the former Manchester United goalkeeper in 2022. Chris Turnerwho is now Director of Football at Wakefield AFC in England.

ProLinked was created with the goal of empowering athletes through physical camps and its innovative technology solution that enables aspiring athletes to create an interactive social media profile upon registration where players can log in by sharing highlights, stats and credentials can apply and academics. In addition, the platform offers users the opportunity to build valuable connections within the sports industry to ensure that athletes get the best possible prospects for their future development.

The Hattiesburg storage costs $ 300 for the athletes who attend the one-day program with combined scouting. The three day camp, which offers a more personal training experience, costs $ 425 and is limited to 150 places.

Tickets are also available for college scouts ($ 300,) in addition to 30 tickets for certified agents ($ 1500) to allow them to collect data and introduce themselves to the talents on display.

Tickets for the Hattiesburg Camp are now available from the link below.

More information is available at www.prolinked.net.

Contact: Donte Savage, 971-207-5642 or 702-810-9070, prolinkedmarketing@outlook.com

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