Joe Adgie / The Newnan Times-Herald

Six East Coweta High School soccer players signed letters of intent Friday morning to play at colleges across the state.

Seniors Cassidy Abbott, Riley Bennett, Michael Haase, Gavin McCarty, Graham Peruski, and Morgan Pent all signed intentions to attend four different colleges. Haase and Peruski will go to LaGrange College, McCarty and Pent will go to Point University, Abbott will go to Gordon State College, and Riley Bennett will go to Dalton State University.

Todd Beldon, the varsity assistant coach for the boys and girls’ soccer teams, took great pride in the students.

“These kids are great kids,” said Beldon. “It’s fun to be with them. I’ve seen them grow up and it’s very special to see them grow up and get a class like I’ve seen them many times over the years. They are very good children. ”

Beldon said he didn’t have to worry about students in or out of the classroom.

“You’re great in the classroom. I couldn’t ask for anything better. I don’t even have to check the grades, I don’t even have to look at them because they are great. They have great attitudes, great work ethic, only good kids. Really good kids. I have no problems with it at all. ”

The coach also thought the six players had a very bright future, as did other players on the East Coweta Indians football teams.

“They all do. Each of these six children there and more on the team, ”said the trainer.

The students were joined by their families and coaches, not just from East Coweta and their colleges, but also from the club teams they played for, teams like MOBA in Peachtree City.

Cassidy Abbott, pictured with her mother, will continue to play football at Gordon State College in Barnesville.

20210424-ECowetaSigning6.jpg?  Mtime = 20210423173925 # Asset: 60865Graham Peruski, pictured with his family, will play for LaGrange College.

20210424-ECowetaSigning2.jpg?  Mtime = 20210423173926 # Asset: 60861Morgan Pent, pictured with her family, will continue her football career at Point University.

20210424-ECowetaSigning4.jpg?  Mtime = 20210423173927 # Asset: 60863Michael Haase, pictured with his parents, is going to LaGrange College to play soccer.

20210424-ECowetaSigning5.jpg?  Mtime = 20210423173928 # Asset: 60864Riley Bennett will be moving to Dalton State University from East Coweta High School to continue her football career.

20210424-ECowetaSigning1.jpg?  Mtime = 20210423173928 # Asset: 60860Gavin McCarty, pictured with his family, will be playing soccer at Point University.