Havana, March 9th. – The inclusion of players playing in leagues from 10 countries is striking today in the call for Cuban football players to play in the final games in late March for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

In a press conference held today at the Colosseum, Pablo Elier Sánchez, technical director of the team, presented the 26 calls in the ranks, 23 of which will be in Guatemala for the games against the hosts (day 24) and Curaçao (day 28) ).

Pablo Elier highlighted the mix of youth and experience on the payroll, his high competitive morale and the ability to put players in different roles depending on the circumstances.

Athletes currently playing in leagues in Brazil, Spain, Guatemala, the United States, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, England, Honduras and San Marino will attend the venue on the 22nd and 23rd at the venue where they will hold joint training sessions. March.

Pablo Elier pointed out that preparing in a “bubble” format involved researching rivals and modeling functions to somehow make up for the absence of athletes fulfilling contracts abroad.

As an alternative, he highlighted making video calls to familiarize a group he had identified as capable of producing positive results on the occasion.

Luis Hernández, President of the Cuban Football Association, classified the draw due to COVID-19 as an exceptional event and praised the efforts made to prepare the group and get them to the competition site.

Regarding the non-calls from international Marcel Hernández this time, Professor Miguel Ángel Díaz, technical director of the national teams of the Cuban commission for this sport, stated that a number of peculiarities prevented this, which they did not want to deepen at the time.

He made it clear, yes, that the dialogues with the athlete will continue and they hope to have his services for future engagements.

National Commissioner Oliet Rodríguez presented the general results of the football exchange in Cuba, which took place at the end of last year, at the meeting. The development strategy is in progress.


Name / league / position

Sandy Sánchez Mustelier (Brazil, goalkeeper)

Carlos Alberto Vázquez Fernández (Spain, defense)

Yosel Piedra Guillén (Guatemala, Defense)

Dariel Alejandro Morejón Rodríguez (Cuba, Defense)

Jorge Luis Corrales Cordero (United States, defender)

Karel Aldair Espino Contreras (Cuba, midfielder)

Arichel Hernández Mora (RDO, midfielder)

Luis Javier Paradela Díaz (Costa Rica, midfielder)

Onel Lázaro Hernandez Mayea (England, forward)

Maikel Alejandro Reyes Ascuy (Honduras, front)

Joel Apezteguía Hijuelos (San Marino, striker)

Elier Pozo Ballona (Cuba, goalkeeper)

Nelson Johnston Barrientos (Cuba, goalkeeper)

Norgerman Rodríguez Hernández (Cuba, Defense)

Darío Ramos Morales (Cuba, Defense)

Sandro Cutiño Castellanos (Brazil, defender)

Erick Ramón Rizo Rojas (Cuba, Defense)

José Alberto Pérez Oquendo (Cuba, midfielder)

Asmel Nuñes Artires (Cuba, midfielder)

Rolando Domingo Abreu Canela (Cuba, midfielder)

Jean Carlos Rodríguez Quiñones (Cuba, midfielder)

Yasniel Matos Rodríguez (Cuba, striker)

Sander Fernández Cervantes (Brazil, striker)

Yunior Yuri Perez Pérez (Cuba, midfielder)

York Alejandro Gonzalez Buchana (Cuba, midfielder)

Leandro Perez Salas (Las Tunas, Defense)

(From Jit) (Photo: Cubasí / Archive)