Football is a sport that is not only fun, but can also ensure a fit and toned body. In order to achieve the best performance in training and, last but not least, in the game, the player must prepare for the sport with the right nutrition. A balanced diet provides the player with the energy he needs for strenuous sport. Visit to compare the performance of the top players as they are very important to the betting results.

Healthy carbohydrates

Carbohydrates from healthy sources ensure that the body is supplied with sufficient energy. The intake of healthy carbohydrates replenishes muscles and cells and gives the player the vital energy they need before the game. So if you are about to play an important match, one evening before the game with pasta in combination with a light source of protein, give your body the energy to keep your body fit overnight.

On game day itself, you should only have a light meal about three hours before kick-off. Here, pasta or high-carbohydrate potatoes can be served along with a lean fish.


Protein, also known as protein, ensures that the body can use absorbed substances better. Protein also helps build muscle. Therefore, active athletes should consume a high-quality source of protein at least three times a week. Lean poultry meat or lean fish such as salmon are particularly high-quality and healthy sources of protein. Those who want to avoid animal foods can use milk or quark as an alternative source of protein.

The matchday diet

About seven hours before the game, you should refill the energy stores that were emptied overnight at breakfast. Good sources of energy should land on the breakfast table before the game. Oatmeal with milk and a yoghurt with fresh fruit give the player the energy they need to start the day before the game.

Around 3 hours before the game, the player eats a light lunch of healthy carbohydrates from pasta or potatoes with fish or lean meat. In addition, sufficient fluids, preferably still water, should be consumed so that the body can absorb all nutrients properly. If you like, you can also have an isotonic drink so that the body is optimally supplied again shortly before the game.