Brian Wood, the Grandview boys’ soccer coach, was obviously frustrated to see the season end.

However, he was not disappointed with his team.

Cherry Creek, the 16th and final seed of the Colorado Boys’ Football Tournament, scored a 2-0 win over the fourth-backed Wolves in a semifinal on April 28 at Englewood High School.

Grandview ended the COVID-shortened season with an 11-2 record and Cherry Creek handed both losses to the Wolves. The Bruins also defeated the Wolves 3-1 on March 23rd.

“It’s been a fantastic season,” said Wood. “I’m proud of these guys. You worked really hard. Our success was due to the work they did not only during the season but also before the season. There wasn’t a part of the game (Cherry Creek) that I was disappointed with.

“We were league champions (Centennial) and won the league tournament. I’m disappointed we didn’t continue, but I’m not disappointed with the season. “

Cherry Creek, who played in the state championship game Fairview, scored in the 22nd minute when Carsten Jones scored a high free kick from 30 yards down the left side of the field that landed high in the top right corner of the goal.

“The first goal was huge,” added Wood. “In that game we knew that the first goal would probably make all the difference in the game as both teams defend very well and it was very difficult to break if they had one.”

Macklin Riley gave Creek a 2-0 lead after the goal was deflected in the first half 30 minutes from time. The Bruins defense put in a lot of great pressure in the second half.

“We played a little tentative at the beginning and I tried to loosen them up before the game but they were still a little tentative,” said Wood. “That hurt us, but Cherry Creek did a great job.”

Bruin’s coach Wilmer Barrera also said the first goal was a key to the result and praised his team’s defense.

“From the start, I thought defense won championships,” said Barrera. “We had to fight to the end. Nobody thought we could go too far, but personally I believe in this team. The first goal was the key. We knew that when we met first we would have the attitude that we were here. “