Meta: Football is not only for men, but also for girls who can join the sport and gain a lot of followers. How is her beauty value? Join in to find out below.

There are many beautiful female soccer players in the world. Not only are you passionate about men’s sports, but you also follow it to the end. If you also love women’s soccer when you watch live soccer Tructiepbongda page Online, you will definitely admire the talent and beauty of the following players.

Beautiful player Lauren Stuhlmann

Lauren Stuhlmann is a player who plays for the Canadian soccer team. With two lines from America – Canada, Stuhlmann inherited many beautiful features. Her golden hair and attractive blue eyes have made many matches hotter than ever. Her appearance is extremely beautiful, despite being in the field with a rustic face and tall bun hair.

Her strong runs and accurate shots help her to be a solid backbone of the Canadian national team. But in real life this beautiful player is very gentle. Many parties want to enter into advertising contracts with her. Lauren Stuhlmann declined, however, because he wanted to focus on his competitive career. Stuhlmann’s best achievement is to win the 2012 Olympic Women’s Football Championship in bronze.

American player Alex Morgan

Called the most beautiful player in American football. Alex Morgan has an extremely hot face and body. His tanned brown skin and deep eyes didn’t know how many men and boys had attracted them. Not only that, this beautiful striker is also extremely talented as the youngest player to compete in the World Cup. One of her notable accomplishments is winning the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics.

There are a number of fan sets that have composed beautiful football comics for women that take on the image of Alex Morgan. She is also known from a number of US reality TV shows.

Beautiful player Amanda Ilestedt

Has charming blonde hair too, but Amanda Ilestedt has a sweet beauty. Her young, pretty face deserves to be on the list of beautiful female soccer players. The Swedish team is very lucky to have this beautiful rookie. Because the media is always looking for Ilestedt’s image. From the training ground to the everyday picture of this beautiful player.

With the height advantage, she is one of the young elements of the national team. And a lot of potential when participating in the “Women’s Championship League” tournament.

Player of the Netherlands – Anouk Hoogendijk Ann

Anouk Hoogendijk Anna comes from Arsenal’s youth academy and has extremely good football skills. This defender’s defense is very good. A beautiful face and normal body allow them to get a lot of sportswear advertising deals.

Anna played for the Ajax Club in her hometown in the Netherlands. But this beautiful player is still greeted by many parties. And consistently top players with a beautiful face and good ball game skills.

Beautiful soccer player Alexia Putellas

Famous for her beautiful destination, but the press must be surprised by her beautiful beauty. Alexia Putellas has scored a long goal against Prainsa Zaragoza club. Contribute to the victory of his Barcelona team. Few people know that she came from Espanyol’s youth team but was brought in from Barca because of her outstanding football talent.

After this game, the Spanish press and the whole world knew about this beauty. Alexia Putellas’ Latin American eyes and balanced body help her earn lots of advertising deals. However, her outstanding football talent is still not overshadowed by her radiant beauty.

The most beautiful player in Laure Boulleau

Next the French player – Laure Boulleau. Even though she has reached the threshold of 30 years, she is still considered the most beautiful player.

The charming French traits that deserve to be compared to the world stars. But Boulleau chose to follow her own passion. That’s after a football career. Previously, he took part in World Cup rounds and played for the famous Paris Saint Germain club. Until now, Laure Boulleau has always been at the forefront of the most beautiful football in the world.

Nayeli Rangel – Mexico

Rangel was born in 1992 and is 1m72 tall. With a pretty face, she is often interested in the Mexican media. She currently plays soccer for the Tigres UANL Club. The 22-year-old star is a perfectly talented player. She was once voted one of the most beautiful players in the world.

Nayeli Rangel’s strength is a public midfielder when he plays very successfully in the colors of the participating clubs.

Hope Solo – USA

If anyone mentions a charming American soccer player, Hope Solo is definitely the top name. She won many national team awards throughout her career and retired wearing the Seattle Reign jersey in 2016.

Hope Amelia Solo (born July 30, 1981 in London) is an American soccer goalkeeper and an international soccer star. You and the American women’s team won a gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics. With impressive performances and the spirit of not surrendering at the 2011 Women’s World Cup, goalkeeper Hope Solo became the new sports idol in the hearts of Americans.

Hope Solo competes bravely with many spectacular parades like the 1.75 m tall Spiderman who is as strong as a cheetah, and with lightning-quick reflexes, her ball-blocking skills are comparable to Tim Howard’s.

Julia Simic – Germany

She is a professional soccer player competing in a highly competitive and harsh environment in Germany – where women’s soccer is highly developed, but Julia Simic always maintains her innocence and purity as a teenager. She started her career at Bayern Munich at the age of 16 and has made more than 100 appearances for the club.

Above is a list of the most beautiful female players in the world. Everyone has a different beauty, but everyone is very passionate about football and does their role in the team very well. And you, you will vote for who is the most beautiful female footballer here. Please let us know!