A football-based documentary series from Bleacher Report returns for a second season, and a New York team is the subject.

That team are the New York Red Bulls of Major League Soccer who, despite their games in Harrison, New Jersey, still consider themselves based in metropolitan New York. The Red Bulls are the focus of Bleacher Reports The Academy’s second season. Two five-episode season two episodes have already been released (links below), and the final three episodes are released every month throughout the summer.

The series delves into an aspect of professional football that is particularly confusing for most American fans: the academy. From what I found online, a football academy is this:

An academy is when a club / association keeps a collection of players within an age group rather than assigning them to individual teams. – United Capital City Soccer

Professional soccer teams use their academies as a place to store young talent, train them the club’s way, and provide them with food, shelter and education during times when they are not specifically focused on soccer. Players between the ages of 13 and 15 are typically the best candidates to enter a team’s academy, with 17 usually being the maximum age at which a player can be signed up. The teams also have a “reserve” team (think of the training team) and an U23 team, to which the players are promoted or transferred once their time at the academy ends.

The documentary series follows the players who are currently in the Red Bulls Academy, and viewers learn more about their everyday lives, their private lives and their trips to New York and where these players stand at the professional club. It’s a fascinating concept, much like the HBO series Hard Knocks, in the sense that viewers can meet a new group of gamers and possibly follow the gambler’s journey from the lowest level of their professional careers to their peak.

The third episode in the series will likely be posted on the Bleacher Report Facebook page next week for those who want to tune in.

Episode 1 can be found here and Episode 2 here.

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