Alan Bollido You know what shirt to wear ChivasSince he won practically all titles, he was guaranteed to be a jersey herd It weighs and not everyone can confirm it in court.

In all honesty, it’s not the same as playing with other teams and reaching out to them ChivasIt’s not the same, the truth is this shirt ChivasThere are a lot of players who split it up into other teams, they pray Chivas And they go unnoticed, I’ve always said that Chivas It is not for everyone. I think that Chivas He needs the best Mexican soccer players because in the end they are the only players who could be there and we hope each player will analyze and criticize himself to see what he is doing well and what he is doing wrong, and to try to improve it. Be better at football and help the team a lot more. ESPN.

Forward from Sporting Kansas CityWe trust in a team Vucetich That would change that as they didn’t get off to a good start to the tournament.

“It is a fact that they are not having a good time there (Ricardo) Pelaez He came at a difficult time when he made a lot of promises and nothing happens in the end, which is why people question him. I think there are a lot of players who are not showing their best version and suddenly playing in a team with pure Mexicans in a league that has a lot of foreigners and that is very much reflected on the field, let’s hope they grow up. I’ve always wished for the better team and I always try to see their games and that makes me very happy when they get good results and when they don’t get it it’s clear it hurts but it is Part of the job. “

Likewise, the 29-year-old striker hopes the indiscipline will remain in the past. Guadalajara.

Guadalajara It’s a very difficult city for you, there are a lot of perversions, there are a lot of things that can play against you so you have to be smart and it depends on every footballer because there are very good things too if you know how to do it Use it, they can serve you. Let’s hope the team can stand up because that’s what all the fans who support this great team want. I hope they can be there again soon. “

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