Neymar spoke about the controversies that arise around the parties he has organized

His name stands for good football and joy. But it’s also common for his last name to be embroiled in an additional football controversy, a product of his high profile. Neymar is clear to him and he knows that his lifestyle can make him the object of criticism. However, he understands that this is the way to balance the pressure on your back on the playing fields.

After the controversies that arose over his figure following the end-of-year party he organized in Brazil, and while rumors of a possible celebration of his 29th birthday increased, the leader of the Parisian Saint Germain broke the silence and spoke on these issues British medium.

“We have to have time to have fun and think about other topics, just like everyone else. It’s natural, that’s how the world works, ”he reflected in a note with the DailyMail. “We all know how to properly balance our working hours with the time we spend with family, friends, or just having fun. We’re no different than anyone else when it comes to the relationship between work and leisure, ”he clarified.

For example, days ago he had to use his social networks to reject reports in the Brazilian press claiming he was holding a big birthday celebration as part of the pandemic. The same problem gave him a headache late in the year when he was investigated by Brazilian government agencies even before a mega-party version. “Of course we have to preserve ourselves a little more because of our public position. We cannot do certain activities that can harm our body, but in reality we have a duty to seek distractions outside of the field in order to keep our mind light and to concentrate on our job, ”he emphasized in the interview.

“If we footballers just think about our job, we wouldn’t be able to achieve it,” said the man who starred in the biggest transfer in history when PSG paid Barcelona its € 222m release clause.

Neymar with Argentine singer Emilia Mernes in a video he released after his year-end party

The French team attacker also spoke about football and ruled out a possible move to the Premier League: “The game requires a lot of physical work.” The Brazilian not only admitted that London was one of the “cities I love most”, but also made it clear that he was comfortable in Paris. While aiming for four seasons extra time with the French team, he set his goal at the club: “I know what it means to win a Champions League and I’m sure I will reach the final again with PSG . “

“Defeat doesn’t motivate me, I am motivated by victories that I’ve won once in my life and in my career. I want to win the Champions League with PSG and the World Cup with the Brazilian team, ”he said.

With that in mind, he reflected on the pandemic that has ravaged the world since March last year and assured that this has changed “our hopes and expectations” on a daily basis. “The pandemic has forced us to think differently, so I really think I wish I could hug everyone like we used to before all of this happened,” he wished in the note he gave to journalist Oliver Todd gave.

Soccer Soccer - Ligue 1 - Lorient - Paris St. Germain - Stade du Moustoir, Lorient, France - January 31, 2021 Paris St. Germains Neymar scores his second goal from the penalty spot REUTERS / Stephane MaheSoccer Soccer – Ligue 1 – Lorient – Paris St. Germain – Stade du Moustoir, Lorient, France – January 31, 2021 Paris St. Germains Neymar scores his second goal from the penalty spot REUTERS / Stephane Mahe


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