Several nurses and health workers from the city of Chesterfield have received threats of vaccinating some of the local soccer team’s footballers. According to ‘Sky
Sports health workers in the city received threatening calls after it was revealed that three players and three members of the Chesterfield coaching staff received the first dose of the vaccine against Covid-19.

The club stated that these individuals were classified as “vulnerable” and that the vaccines were “not wasted” according to health policy.

The vaccine should be used within 2 hours.

The Pfizer vaccine used by the facility must be used within two hours of the dose package being thawed.

According to the policy of the Chesterfield Health Service, if someone misses their appointment to get the vaccine, it can be given to anyone under the age of 70. The complaints come because it is understood that those people who were notified at the last minute should have been health workers or caregivers and not soccer players.

“They were only contacted for vaccinations after the health center exhausted another option. The people involved were hoping these vaccines would not be wasted, which would have been the case if they had not been received by the players and staff, “said the Chesterfield, it is a statement.

The people involved hoped that these vaccines would not go to waste