Avery Quoyeser: St. Thomas More, Sr.

The St. Thomas More Cougars had a memorable senior class and won their fourth state championship in four years. Quoyeser played a key role in this success with 16 goals and 27 assists this season. As a four-year midfield starter, Quoyeser was a key midfield player for one of the state’s top girls’ soccer teams. She will continue her football career in Division I. She signed with Appalachian State.


Camille Blanchard: Ascension Episcopal, Sr.

Blanchard led a strong defensive unit for the Blue Gators and was named the first all-state team as well as the all-defensive MVP in Division IV.

Anna Broussard: Catholic-NI, Jr.

Broussard was named the first all-state team and was an integral part of a Panthers team that made it to the semifinals with 34 goals and 12 assists in the season.

Lily Dore: Ascension Episcopal, Sun.

One of the region’s top goalkeepers, Dore, scored 15 shutouts in 21 games.

Piper Leger: Bishop of Acadiana, Sr.

Senior leader of a Falcons team that made it to the quarterfinals of Division IV.

Riley LeBlanc: St. Thomas More, Sr.

LeBlanc was the leader of the backline of a State Championship Cougars team and was named Defensive Player of the Year on the Division II All-State Team along with five goals and seven assists.

Raegan Latiolais: St. Thomas More, Jr.

Dynamic striker who was an excellent goalscorer with 23 goals and 11 assists. Latiolais was the Cougars’ leading scorer and was Division II’s first all-state selection.

Mary-Ainsley Alack: St. Thomas More, Sun.

Alack, the other dangerous attacker for the Cougars, was the second top scorer with 21 goals and seven assists and was also named the first Division II all-state team.

Believe Chauvin: Lafayette High, So.

A top scorer, Chauvin led the Lions into the second round of the playoffs with five goals and seven assists. He was named the second Division I all-state team.

Isabelle Smith: Acadiana, Sr.

Smith was a senior Rams leader and dynamic goalscorer with 25 goals and 15 assists who was named District 2-I’s offensive MVP.

Lillie Young: Acadiana, Jr.

Young was the other leader of the Rams and was named the overall MVP of District 2-I after 19 goals and six assists.

Andi Hughes: Southside, well.

Hughes was a dynamic goalscorer for the Sharks who led them to the playoffs in their first season at college and was named the first all-district team.

Avery Harrison: Comeaux, Sr.

Harrison, the Spartans’ senior midfield leader, was named the first all-district team.

Madeleine Brignac: Lafayette High, Sr.

Brignac led the Lions midfield with 13 goals and 10 assists and was named the first all district team.


Brooklyn Babineaux, St. Thomas More

Lexie Cheramie, St. Thomas More

Emma Godwin, Ascension Episcopal

Adele Mooney, Ascension Episcopal

Aline Malek, ESA

Maddie Breaux, ESA

Khole Leleux, Acadiana

Grace Rachal, Teurlings

Emily Watson, North Vermilion

Elizabeth Rabalais, Lafayette High

Dannie Gallet, up Lafayette

Kennedi David, Acadiana

Emily Membreno, Lafayette Christian

Emma Dupuis, Beau Chene


Kevin Mooney, Ascension Episcopal

Despite battling quarantines and the obstacle of having multiple girls playing basketball in addition to soccer, Mooney got the most out of his Blue Gators on the soccer field, which finished 13-4-4 that season and reached the Division IV semifinals.