While wrestling and soccer aren’t necessarily two sports that go hand in hand, there are many professional wrestlers who absolutely love the sport. There are many European stars who are passionate about teams, but as football continues to grow in America, there are even more wrestlers who are starting to enjoy the sport.

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Many wrestlers are now able to build a large following on their own based on the soccer teams they follow, with the supporters finding a common alliance with them. With wrestlers now eager to share their passion for soccer on social media, fans are increasingly finding out who each person is supporting.

Sheamus (Liverpool)

Sheamus wears a Liverpool shirt

Sheamus is an avid soccer fan and he is someone who likes to tell everyone about it. He consistently follows his team to the point where he looks for places to watch them, which isn’t a big surprise considering he’s from Ireland.

Football is an important sport in his home country, but he actually supports a team in England. Liverpool are one of the greatest clubs in the world with a long history and Sheamus can often be seen wearing the team jersey while he also put a badge on his jacket during his time at The Bar to further promote his love for the club .

Fandango (Everton)

Fandango supports Everton Cropped

Fandango actually supports Liverpool’s direct rivals at Everton, a decision he made based on the way the club hugged him early in his career. When his theme song was first released and the world was crazy about it, Everon caught the trend.

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The club played his song before the games and it resulted in the English fans ‘fandangoing’ that the wrestler found out about. He ended up going to the stadium himself to see it and meet the manager, which only helped him like the club more.


Miro cropped in a Real Madrid jersey

Miro is another very passionate wrestling fan and he likes to talk about it a lot. Whether he’s playing the popular video game series FIFA or just talking about it online, Miro loves soccer with his favorite team, Real Madrid.

The Spanish club is one of the greatest football clubs of all time and has had great success with the Champions League in the league and across Europe. He was also at the stadium for a tour, which was a moment he loved when he was working for WWE.

Killian Dain (Manchester United)

Killian Dain wears a Manchester United shirt

Killian Dain is a very passionate soccer fan and this is a huge part of his life. He talks a lot about the sport, especially on social media, where he regularly shares his thoughts on their games and makes his point of view clear about what he likes and doesn’t like.

It’s clear that Dain is passionate about football and that’s something he obviously loves. He’s not at all casual as other fans often interact and enjoy the sport too.

Wade Barrett (Preston North End)

Wayne Rooney beats Wade Barrett Cropped

Compared to some of the other football teams on this list, Preston North End isn’t one of the biggest clubs, and many casual fans of the sport may not be familiar with the club initially. However, this is the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčEngland that Wade Barrett is from which is why he is a fan.

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Rather than sponsoring one of the big clubs in England that often compete for the top trophies, Barrett has stuck with the club he grew up with. But his love for soccer spilled over into the ring during his career when he faced Wayne Rooney when the legendary soccer player slapped him on an episode of Raw.

Steve Austin (Bolton Wanderers)

Steve Austin in the Ring Cropped

Steve Austin may be one of the biggest names in wrestling history, but he doesn’t endorse any of the biggest soccer teams. His connection with Bolton Wanderers isn’t the greatest, but it comes from Austin appearing on the Soccer AM show.

When celebrities go on this show who don’t really support a team, they allow them to pull a team out of their hat. Austin chose Bolton randomly, which is what led him to endorse the club.

Mick Foley (Sheffield United)

Mick Foley is watching Sheffield United Cropped

Mick Foley’s decision to support Sheffield United is a relatively new one, and it’s a pretty strange situation considering the Yorkshire Club aren’t one of the biggest football teams out there. However, he chose to endorse the club after Sheffield striker Billy Sharp used Mr. Socko as a goal celebration.

Foley saw it and loved the moment and has been a fan of the club ever since. While visiting England, Foley went to a match and even had breakfast with Sharp at his house while the two men were wrestling.

Finn Balor (Tottenham Hotspur)

Finn Balor shortened in a Tottenham Hotspur jersey

Finn Balor is another top European wrestler who has made a name for himself in the industry. However, since he grew up with soccer as a main sport, it makes sense that the former NXT champion would have a specific team that he loves.

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For him this is Tottenham Hotspur. Based in London, England, the Premier League squad is a team that has been passionate about watching Balor all his life, participating in games when his schedule allows.

Triple H (West Ham United)

Triple H cropped as a West Ham fan

Triple H may not always talk about football and wear a jersey like some other wrestlers, but he’s a fan of the sport. He has a connection with West Ham United, the team he supported.

Triple H often tweets about the Hammers and shares when the club is doing well. They respond by using its input music before the games even, with the connection being something that both of them have benefited from over the years. It is unclear where this connection came from, but it is clearly deep.

Drew McIntyre (Ranger)

Drew McIntyre with a cropped Rangers shirt

Football is a huge sport in Scotland, so it’s no surprise that Drew McIntyre is a huge fan of the game. He’s talked about it a lot on social media, with McIntyre being incredibly proud of his beloved Rangers club.

Drew visits Talk Sport often to discuss football with the hosts, and has often promoted the club and its activities. Rangers is a huge club with a large, passionate following that Drew loves to be a part of.

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