David Martin

achob Fuss tries to move to another Wolf Friday during the boys’ soccer team’s first game of the year against Star Valley. The Wolves lost their first two games of the season, beating Star Valley 4-0 and Evanston 3-1.

The weekend did not go as the wolves would have liked, but for the boys’ soccer team, second chances are just around the corner.

The boys faced tough Star Valley and Evanston teams and both teams lost at home. The Wolves lost 4-0 to Star Valley on Friday and 3-1 to Evanston on Saturday.

Green River’s only goal was scored by Andrew Santhuff from a penalty.

Head coach Kahler Dawson said the team had been frightened, both offensive and defensive, in their first game in two years. He also believes the speed at which both opposing teams played surprised them too. He said both games were very physical for the boys too, and said Evanston played a more physical game than Star Valley the day before.

However, he’s not worried about the season.

“I would prefer it to peak at the end of the season,” said Dawson.

As the team prepares for two more home games against a strong Jackson team on Thursday afternoon and Powell Saturday, Dawson said he is letting the Wolves work on tactical principles behind possession and control of the ball. He said the team is also working on defensive strategies to counter a common trait Wyoming soccer teams have in kicking the ball over defenders and getting it to goal.

Dawson said he was very pleased with the way the guys continue to work hard in practice and how they haven’t given up on any of the losing games, and said he was excited to see their growth in the games to come.

“I’m just looking forward to seeking individual growth and team growth,” he said.