The spring break couldn’t have been more beneficial for Farmersville football teams as a string of injuries and a tight schedule have forced the teams to play multiple games with little to no depth on the pitch.

Farmersville trainer Chris Chase said he was happy to have a week off in hopes of getting out of the spring break healthy and ready to end the season strong.

“We need it,” said Chase. “We lost 3-1 to Bonham, partly because we were beaten with a number of injuries. Ella Rudicile was injured in the community game so she missed it. Cheyenne Rogers missed part of the Bonham game, Kate Rich missed part of the game, and Vanessa DeJesus missed part of the game. We enter the break. It’s just the amount of games we’ve dealt with injury issues. It keeps coming back to us and we don’t have the numbers we could have in depth to lose one of these children, let alone all of them. “

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By Jackson King • [email protected]