The Premier League was founded in 1992 as the runaway English football league. From a humble beginning, it has grown to become the most popular soccer league in the world.

Numerous world class stars have traded in England’s top tier since their inception, and we have decided to identify the crème de la crème. Here are the top 10 Premier League players of all time.


Ryan Giggs tops the list of the most distinguished Premier League players of all time after winning the title 13 times – a record that will likely never be broken.

Paul Scholes He won the trophy eleven times and Rio Ferdinand was one of the best center-backs to grace the division. Another Manchester United alumnus Eric Cantona is the most significant player in the club’s modern history.

Dennis Bergkamp is Arsenal’s equivalent to Cantona: a foreigner who helped turn the club from teammate to champions. David Silva has done similarly in a successful decade at Manchester City, winning four titles in the process.

10. Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)

Steven Gerrard never won the Premier League title, although he certainly would have if he moved to Chelsea in 2004. The midfielder stayed at Liverpool youth club instead and was close to picking up the trophy in 2009 and 2014.

An all-round midfielder who could bend a game at will, Gerrard could pass the ball, win it back and score goals. He set a good example for more than a decade and is without a doubt one of the best Premier League players of all time.

9. John Terry (Chelsea)

“Captain, Leader, Legend” reads the banner dedicated to John Terry at Stamford Bridge. The defender, a product of the Chelsea Academy, made nearly 500 Premier League appearances between 1998 and 2017.

Terry won five championship titles with the blues and was a key figure in four of those triumphs. Terry was a tenacious center-back who gave everything for the cause. He was also a smart player with a good selection of passes.

8. Sergio Aguero (Manchester City)

Sergio Aguero (Manchester City)

No player in the history of Manchester City has scored more goals for the club than Sergio Aguero. The Argentine found the net twice on his debut in 2011 and has moved on in the same fashion since then. Only three players have surpassed him in Premier League history.

Since February 2021, Aguero has scored 256 goals in 379 Premier League games for City. His contributions in and around the box have contributed to each of the club’s four title triumphs, and he deserves to go down as one of the best Premier League players of all time.

7. Patrick Vieira (Arsenal, Manchester City)

Patrick Vieira (Arsenal, Manchester City)

Patrick Vieira joined Arsenal prior to Arsene Wenger’s appointment but his signature was arranged by his French compatriot. It was a masterpiece. A great midfielder with numerous technical and athletic skills, Vieira became a mainstay of the Arsenal machine room for the next nine years.

Vieira won three Premier League titles in north London before joining Juventus in 2005. It is certainly no coincidence that Arsenal’s demise dates back to the year the captain left.

6. Roy Keane (Nottingham Forest, Manchester United)

Roy Keane (Nottingham Forest, Manchester United)

Roy Keane, the most inspiring captain in Premier League history – and one of the best Premier League players overall – has been the beating heart of the Manchester United squad for most of his 12 years at the club.

Keane was a tenacious tackler and precise passerby. He was a born leader who served as Alex Ferguson’s lieutenant in the field. The midfielder won seven titles at Old Trafford after making his first Premier League steps with Nottingham Forest in the division’s inaugural season.

5. Wayne Rooney (Everton, Manchester United)

Wayne Rooney (Everton, Manchester United)

Wayne Rooney, the second highest goalscorer in the history of the Premier League, had the tip of making great performances in football even before he was 18. Meeting the expectations that surrounded him has always been difficult. This is proof of Rooney’s talent that he did just that.

Despite having played at Everton twice, the Englishman is always associated with Manchester United. Rooney is the club’s all-time leading goalscorer. 208 of his career strikes (for both United and Everton) went to the Premier League, which he won five times.

4. Frank Lampard (West Ham United, Chelsea, Manchester City)

Frank Lampard (West Ham United, Chelsea, Manchester City)

A West Ham Academy product, Frank Lampard joined Chelsea in 2001 and never looked back. Roman Abramovich bought the club three years later and made it one of the strongest teams in the Premier League, with Lampard – a three-time title winner – being an integral part of it until he left in 2014.

Lampard, an attacking midfielder who perfected the art of scoring goals from late runs into the box, scored nearly 150 Premier League for Chelsea.

3. Alan Shearer (Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United)

Alan Shearer (Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United)

Nobody has scored more goals in the history of the Premier League than Alan Shearer, who made 260 appearances for Blackburn and Newcastle.

Shearer has only ever won the title, but that doesn’t stop him from being one of the best Premier League players of all time. He would have won more if his heart had ruled his mind in 1996, but Shearer fulfilled a childhood dream when he turned down Manchester United in favor of moving to Newcastle, the club he supported as a child.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)

Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest football players of all time, spent the peak years of his career at Real Madrid. However, it was at Manchester United that he became a world-class superstar for the first time.

Ronaldo’s transformation from a skillful but ineffective winger into a devastatingly brilliant striker was a sight to behold. At Old Trafford, he won three Premier League titles, including an impressive 31-goal campaign in 2007-08.

1. Thierry Henry (Arsenal)

Thierry Henry (Arsenal)

Thierry Henry is number 1 on our list of the best Premier League players of all time, and it wasn’t a particularly difficult decision. The Frenchman moved to Arsenal as a left striker, but Arsene Wenger put him in the middle to great effect.

Henry had it all as a striker. He combined grace and pace like no other Premier League player before or since. Henry, a wonderful finisher, scored 147 goals and won three titles in North London. Watching him play football was a privilege.