22 soccer players recently scored goals during a day-long session at historic Warrens Great House to help keep cybersecurity more secure.

The Under-Elevens, members of the Mavericks Sports Club, took part in a girls empowerment initiative hosted by CIBC FirstCaribbean as part of the Adopt-a-Cause program and trained by its technology and corporate security team.

The initiative started with a team building exercise in which the girls worked in groups and tried to build their tallest tower possible using macaroni and marshmallows.

In the afternoon, they took part in interactive sessions on protecting yourself online by examining topics such as choosing and securing passwords, posting personal information, pictures and whereabouts, and safe surfing and antivirus issues. They later went into serious practice and dramatized likely events related to these issues.

One of the club’s directors, Raphael Holder, praised the bank for holding the session, suggesting that children need to be aware of the dangers they may face online and how to avoid them.

He said this has become even more critical as children have to use the internet in their daily lives
for online learning.

Holder said the club, where ten teams competed in football, understood the value of training its 300+ members on and off the field to make life better.

He added that the Girls Empowerment Initiative allowed the girls to participate in an exercise that would have a positive impact on their lives, and he hoped the bank would continue to help the club in that regard.

Gavin James, senior manager of business processes, design and change, said the bank was actively involved in public relations exercises, adding that lectures were being given as part of their Innovation Forum @ FirstCaribbean project.

In addition, the bank was involved in efforts to drive innovation. Commenting on the Girls’ Empowerment initiative, James said it was mind-boggling how many children had access to social media. It is therefore particularly important to ensure that they receive adequate information to protect themselves on the Internet.

The bank is therefore happy to help them achieve cybersecurity.

The bank also recognized the club’s field activities and presented them with several soccer balls.

Holder stated that the balls would help the club expand to the communities on the island.

He said the Mavericks Sports Club was based at the Police Sports Club in St. Michael, but had a contact point in Orange Hill, St. James, the community the girls are from. He also confirmed that the club would soon be formed in St. Philip. (PR)

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